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Hello, Thank you for visiting are website. This site is dedicated to providing quality instructional products designed for YOUTH FOOTBALL coaches. Please feel free to browse through are selection of DVDs. The DVDs are designed by Coach Glenn Harris. Coach Harris is a longtime youth football coach. Currently, Coach Harris is the head varsity and middle school coach at City of Life Prep Academy.



For a limited time only!!! YOUTH FOOTBALL Spread Offense 8 DVD Set is on sale.  This DVD set is for the youth coach that is implementing the spread offense. This set includes 8 DVD's. This is the same system that I (Coach Harris) has used to win 5 straight central Florida youth football titles and used to finish 3rd in the nation last year at the 12 year old level. This DVD set is what you need to spread um and shred um. The set has well over 4 hours of whiteboard discussion, on field drills sections, and cut-ups of the plays in action.

The set includes blocking assignments, coaching points and much, much more!! Yes, that right there are 8

DVD's in the set. It is a must have for any youth football coaching library. The 8 volumes included in this set are: Spread Run Game Trap Series, Spread Option Series, Jet Series, Power Run Game, Ultimate Screen Series, Rollout Passing, Vertical Passing Game for Youth, and Shallow/Mesh Passing for Youth. Click on the here to see a preview: 8 DVD Set Preview!!!

Dominate Their Defense 8 DVD Set